Hi! My name is Rachel Griffith and do not work in the sense of a “9-5” job. I am a mother of three young children ages 7,4, &3, I am the wife of a US Marine, I am a wardrobe stylist and recently decided to bridge that into photography business. I graduated from SDSU last Dec. with a Liberal Studies degree just in time for our family to move from San Diego to Joshua Tree. This was a very exciting time for me as I had waited years to be in the same city long enough to finish my bachelors. Here’s to hoping I’m around long enough to finish my masters!

I am a creative soul and I see everything as an inspiration. I often start projects which I fail to complete because it just takes too long and I  interest. I am absolutely terrified of these online classes because I am far from organized and self-discipline is not my strong suit. I am the person that sits down to finish assignments at 8pm and I am up until 3am because I remembered that awesome picture I want to edit or that conceptual photo shoot I have to do that I need wardrobe for.

Up until this week my experience with e-learning has been limited to using blackboard as part of a traditional university setting. This is my first attempt at taking courses completely online.

I am taking this class because it is part of the Instructional Technology Program. I have chosen this program for a few reasons: 1. the world of technology has infiltrated our schools and I want to be a step ahead of my students 2. I didn’t see going into a credential program as an option with my current location in Joshua Tree or with my current family dynamic 3. I planned on getting my masters at some point and figured there was no reason to wait considering a Liberal Studies degree without a credential is like a high school diploma ;-).

I have sen first hand how technology is becoming part of the routine in the elementary classrooms. I want to be able to provide my students with the best possible use of technology without losing the interpersonal communication that I find so important.  I feel that if I am knowledgeable about the technology that is available than I will be able to incorporate it into the classroom in a highly effective manner.  I am excited for what this course has to offer and dive into the world of instructional technology.

Favorite Discussion Post

I did notice how your statistics contradicted those that I found on, and I would assume it is biased considering it is a site that is supporting this specific learning technique. I also wonder how and where the research is gathered. I would like to believe there is going to be a transition period where the success rates are not extremely high because people are still getting used to the process. But, I believe this current generation of young children won’t have a second thought when it comes to e-learning, it will be second nature. Just like any other learning style there will be those that will be forced to adapt.

This post was a response to a classmates response to my original post.  It is my favorite because as I was writing I began to ask my self many other questions about e-learning.  If a teacher is not proficient will it be detrimental to his students? Will some students be “left behind” because it just isn’t their learning style?  Will this lead to a more complicated class room as teachers will have to be hit so many learning styles? I believe the answer to these question could very easily be yes.  But, if a teacher is educated then these technology based classrooms could open a world of possibilities that could be the answer to the struggle with learning styles.  I have so much to learn and I am excited to gain the tools I need to bring technology into my future classrooms.

Palloff, R., & Pratt, K. (2009). Assessing the online learner: Resources and strategies for faculty (pp. 24-25). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.


10 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. carobonyo

    Hi Rachel,
    Good to read your posting. I believe with the current trends in technology, it will roll out to be easy to embrace it.
    Yes, teachers must be educated and once they identify their students’ needs, they ought to design a course that meets learners
    need so that no student is “left behind”. Ensure studenst engage fully in discussions using different interactions. If this doesn’t happen,
    then eLearning will loose its meaning.
    Just as you have mentioned, I too am excited to learn so that I can improve my teaching.



  2. Brian

    Welcome to class! I will try to keep you motivated with constant assignments and the occasional email. I don’t work a 9-5 job either, but yours sounds like more fun!


  3. vbarocas

    Hi Rachel,

    Good to read your post. Although I live in the valley, it is great to read about someone from the high desert. While reading different blogs and blackboards, it seems that different generations view technology differently.

    Given your post, it seems likely that our approach for an educational initiative for the same target population (e.g.,adult learners over the age of 50) would differ greatly. More specifically, would your initiative be technology based? I’m thinking that older populations may be less tech savvy, making technology a secondary tool.

    P.S. I too don’t work 9-5,,, Currently I teach business courses at a small vocational focus college; write on the performing and visual arts for different publications; and am a photographer.

    Looking forward to working with you over the term.


    1. wearewonderstruck Post author

      Great question! I have been shocked at the number of mature adults that have embraced technology. My answer would have to be that I probably would not approach an educational initiative for this age group the same that I would for a younger group. I don’t think I can give a solid answer at the moment on exactly how I would approach it. Thanks for working my brain, I’ll get back to you!

      I would live to read some of your work and see some of your photography! The arts are definitely one of my passions, it breaks my heart that they have been removed from the schools. I attended a visual and performing arts high school as a dancer and it was a wonderful experience, one that I can only hope my children will be able to experience one day. I truly believe the deletion of the arts is shutting down a part of this generations brain that is crucial to the learning experience.


  4. Margarita

    Hi Rachel!
    Welcome to a fully online learning community. The majority of my courses in the IT program have been online and I’ve survived although I’m also not very organized or self-motivated. I think you’ll do just fine. You’ll find that having these shorter assignments due more often will hold you accountable for getting stuff done.
    I found your introduction fascinating. Photography is an art I greatly appreciate, probably because of my addiction to the internet and magazines! Do you submit your work for any publications? What kind of photography do you focus on? I am also a wondering…are you a classroom teacher as well? If you are, I applaud you for being able to juggle teaching, studying, photography, and your family!
    Your favorite post was a nice one. I admit, I didn’t see your initial posting, though I am motivated to now. I think it’s great when work we do impacts us in a way that we take a step back and reflect on our own learning or our own actions.
    Best regards to you!


    1. wearewonderstruck Post author

      Hi Margarita! I am not a classroom teacher. My collegiate career has been all over the place due to my husband career moving us every three years. I just completed my undergrad at SDSU last Dec and I knew trying to get a credential right now would be extremely difficult, so I chose to stress my self out with a masters program! I have been published in a very small online magazine but unfortunately have not had the time to submit anywhere else yet, although I think about it quite often. I love to find abandoned/old places (which are in abundance in the high desert) and combine them with something modern. I am intrigued by the stories behind these places and my goal is to incorporate them into a series in the near future.
      I look forward to working with you tho quarter!


  5. hyesu19888

    Hi Rachel! I enjoyed reading your post. And you are a wardrobe professional stylist! I am so impressed. But I am wondering that you have two jobs? Instructor and stylist?
    I also think that interpersonal skill is really important in e-learning environment. I think you can learn a lot of things through this program because I did and doing now! We will learn various technologies which enable to form a social interaction. It is really nice to meet you and I am so excited to take this class with you. Thank you!


    1. wearewonderstruck Post author

      I do not teach yet. I just finished my bachelors last Dec. With my husbands career moving us every few years it took a while for me to get the opportunity to complete what I started many years ago. We are now living in Joshua Tree and with 3 children it just wasn’t realistic for me to go into a credential program, so I decided to go ahead and get my masters :-).



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